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How does PricesSorter work?

Listed safari/tour packages

We design and at times obtain safari/tour packages from Tour Operators/Safari Companies and register them on our platform. Thereafter, we invite Tour Operators/Safari Companies registered with our platform to indicate prices. We ensure each safari/tour package is priced by at least 5 Tour Operators/Safari Companies to enable travelers to have perfect information about the market. We sort the prices and let travelers select price(s) of their liking from a list of prices for a safari/tour. Each price is a Tour Operator’s/Safari Company’s price for that safari/tour, and a traveler needs to unlock that Tour Operator/Safari Company for a fee of at least $10. We do not charge Tour Operators/Safari Companies, which makes them quote low prices for the safaris/tours. Travelers unknowingly pay high advertising/marketing fees to marketing agencies for Tour Operators/Safari Companies to advertise through them, making the safaris/tours expensive.

Custom Tour

Under this service line, a traveler is given a chance to plan their own safari/tour. A special form is provided where travelers fill details that are taken to different Tour Operators/Safari Companies that we have visited and signed contracts with. Within 72 hours, we receive their prices and do the sorting of prices work before we notify the traveler(s). You will be required to unlock the tour providers - Tour Operators/Safari Companies for a fee of at least $30.

Top selected Tours/Safaris

These are the tours/safaris that travelers have selected the most. We arrange them accordingly, with the top selected ones starting on the line.

Tours selection based on the number of days

When selecting a tour/safari, a traveler can select based on the number of days of the tour/safari. For example, selecting a 5-day tour means a tour is provided for a period of 5 days. The days count from the day the traveler lands to a destination country to the day the traveler leaves the destination country.