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What We do

At PricesSorter, we specialize in simplifying the safari/tour planning process for travelers worldwide. Our online marketplace serves as a reliable resource where you can effortlessly compare safari/tour prices offered by top-rated Tour Operators/Safari companies.

We take the guesswork out of your travel budget by personally visiting and registering these reputable operators on our platform. Once they're onboard, we diligently collect and organize their tour/safari prices, allowing you to make informed decisions about your travel expenses. Our commitment to quality and reliability is unwavering—we only collaborate with Tour Operators/Safari Companies with whom we've signed service contracts, ensuring that your travel experiences meet the highest standards.

Our Mission

To make Tourism affordable and easy for travelers exploring the world.

Our Goal

Providing the perfect market information for travelers, making tourism affordable, easy and pleasing.

About PricesSorter

PricesSorter is a web-based reliable resource for planning safaris/tours. It is an online marketplace that enables travelers to compare safari/tour prices from visited top-rated Tour Operators/Safari companies.

Travelers are constantly confident of getting the best prices available for a safari/tour from different Tour Operators/Safari companies. We visit Tour Operators/Safari companies, register them to our platform, receive their prices for each Tour/Safari and sort the prices for each Tour/Safari as priced by numerous Tour Operators/Safari Companies, leaving you to decide which price to pay.

A Safari/Tour is always priced differently by Tour Operators/Safari companies due to operational costs differential, financing costs differential, the size of the Tour Operator/Safari company and ultimately the targeted profits differentials.

To ensure the reliability and high quality of our services, we visit all Tour Operators/Safari Companies registered with our platform and sign service contracts. Only Tour Operators/Safari Companies that we sign service contracts with are given chance to work with us.

PricesSorter aims to save your money by providing the perfect market information, making tourism affordable, easy and pleasing. Our content is continuously updated to ensure you get the most current information available. PricesSorter is planning to operate in over 100 countries.

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